A few months back at an entrepreneur’s meet up group we discussed how to test new products and services to offer.  John Wren of the Small Business Meetup Group brought up an interesting point – you don’t have a business until money changes hands.  For many first time business owners we become enamored with the

UX Developer – Gabriel Rios

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[progress percentage="60"]Web Design[/progress] Gabriel is an experienced developer with a Degree in Computer Science. When he’s not developing he’s always up for some friendly games, running marathons, or hanging out with friends and drinking beer. Gabriel is a beer enthusiast, always looking to try new brews and collecting bottle caps. Gabriel’s fondest desire is to

Shopify Affiliate

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Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. Orbital Impact is a development associate of Shopify Click here to try it for free!

Cross Browser Support

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The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands

Professional Design

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You can easily to customize your theme: set your colors, background patterns, change fonts and etc.

Funny Martian

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Alex Arroyo

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These guys are simply outstanding! They helped turn my online retail presence around.  I’d recommend them to anyone.  Alex Arroyo Alexis Hair Care – Hollywood, California.

UX Developer – Dave Wilson

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An experienced UX developer in php, mysql, and all the fun stuff that comese with it.. Dave Wilson dreams about reality as though he were a creator of unique sock puppets using a beat-stick of mass delinquency. The apparitions of Dave Wilson can be found in the left of the cupboard, but never above the

Lead Developer – George Plymale

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My background is a bachelors degree in computer science with strong management experience.  I started early, at the age of 10, in entrepreneurship working to open my own video game rental business.  At 13 I purchased my first computer from a savings account that I had established from raising cattle on my dad’s farm.  At

Ted’s one of the “cat herders” at Orbital Impact.  He excels at communicating with the clients and development staff and making sure the projects move forward on a timely basis on customer expectations.   Ted holds a BA in Computer Science and is currently pursuing graduate studies at Colorado State University in Computer Information Systems.