All marketing campaigns need a strategy. One of the best digital marketing strategies I have ever come across is the RACE planning system. The RACE planning system is a mnemonic (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) which helps plan the main activities needed for businesses to improve their online marketing. It is a pretty simple strategy and companies have

How to enable conversion tracking

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Conversion tracking can help you track how many people actually complete a full form on a web page. It can help you connect your ads and keywords to your business goals by tracking which keywords are helping you meet specific goals. Conversion tracking can also help you boost your ROI by finding out which keywords

Today I will cover key metrics and terms that every eCommerce business owner should be familiar with. My goal with this article is to introduce you to different forms of online advertising and the strengths and weaknesses of each. We’ll also cover how to measure the effectiveness of each one. CPC cost per click Popularized

Time is money. As our lives become busier our time becomes more valuable. With that in mind it is easy to understand why you must automate your marketing. Since there have been a ton of tools that have been created for that very thing there really is no reason not to automate your marketing. Doing

Key analytics issues for your website

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Website analytics are your key for gauging how effective your website is at converting traffic into sales. By reading your analysis accurately you can strengthen your webpage, improve SEO, and maximize profits. But there are issues that may arise by misinterpreting the data being delivered by your analysis or responding to that data incorrectly. Here

So you think you have all the necessary things to maintain a successful online business. A website, an inventory, and some analytic. Well, I can tell you if your business is missing this one key thing you’ll be loosing more business then you make, and that thing is none other than trust. Trust is the

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When it comes to online marketing, emails are perhaps one of the most important elements needed to cultivate quality leads. There are several reasons why email plays such an important role in marketing now, which we will touch on in this article. Marketing Serpa put out a survey in 2013 where they surveyed 1,095 marketers. Out of

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Getting started with SSH

Saturday, 14 September 2013 by

In this article, I will explain some of the basics of using a terminal to log into a remote linux server using the SSH Shell, so you can manage your website’s files on your host computer, as if you were on the actual computer. If you are not already familiar with Linux, that’s ok. This

Beginner’s WordPress: Managing Users

Saturday, 14 September 2013 by

You can create, edit, and delete users easily from your Admin Dashboard. Click the videos below to find out more.

Here we will learn how to manage Comments in your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Click below to get started.