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All marketing campaigns need a strategy. One of the best digital marketing strategies I have ever come across is the RACE planning system. The RACE planning system is a mnemonic (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) which helps plan the main activities needed for businesses to improve their online marketing. It is a pretty simple strategy and companies have been using it for years.


Reach refers to methods used to draw people toward your brand. In digital marketing this is done by building a web presence. A web presence is your companies general reach online. This is expanded by use of social media, blogging, your own website and SEO.


Is the phase that the customer goes through, after they have been introduced to your brand, and begin to act. In order to push the maximum amount of customers into this phase you want to fill your website with quality content. Anything that you post on your company blog, facebook, and website needs to be of proper quality. That goes for all written material like blog posts, ebooks, and white papers, to instructional videos.


This is the phase where the casual buyer becomes a loyal customer. While this depends largely on the quality of your products, you can help pull more customers into this phase using digital marketing as well. This can be done through email automation, special promotions on your website, and re-marketing toward cultivated leads you gather online.


This is the phase where customers engage with your brand and become apart of the community you have built around it. Your goal for this stage should be to gain quality referrals and testimonials. Much of this can be done with superb customer service. But online you can help stimulate this type of activity with use of social media. Make your social media pages a place to improve your brand and inspire engagement from customers with creative posts. Post things that get them to comment, participate, and provide feedback.

So that is the basics of a RACE digital marketing strategy in a nutshell.

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