6 things you must do to increase your conversions online

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So you think you have all the necessary things to maintain a successful online business. A website, an inventory, and some analytic. Well, I can tell you if your business is missing this one key thing you’ll be loosing more business then you make, and that thing is none other than trust. Trust is the number one most important thing any business can have and maintaining trust online is no easy task. So here are some steps that can hopefully help you build trust with your customers and increase your conversion rate online!

Trust will build your conversion rates

Trust will build your conversion rates

1) Keep it simple, request only the necessities

Do not waste your customers time by asking them to fill out more information than they need to. Ask for only necessarily information to make the payment. Also, do not require them to create an account, this only slows down the process and they may not even want to do it.

2) Keep them informed

Give them a means to track their package. Provide a tracking number or perhaps send them automatic e-mail updates. Leaving the customer happy after they have bought and received the item can only lead to return business.

3) Offer multiple payment options

Believe it or not there are people who do not use credit cards. Also, even if you take the necessary steps to make your website credible and trustworthy there will always people who still don’t feel comfortable entering their credit card information. Consider other online payment options such as PayPal, bitcoin, and ACH.

4) Provide a unique selling point

What sets you apart from all the other companies that do the same or relatively same thing? Why should customers choose you over your competition? If you’re not sure what your businesses USP is, figure it out, quickly. This will prove useful at not only improving your conversion rate, but building your brand, helping your marketing, helping you retain customers and much more. It should be the backbone of your brand and business.

5) Display tokens of trust

Due to the alarming amount of fraud and identity theft that takes place online people are cautious about where they submit credit card information. Because of this you’ll want to make sure that your website exhibits all the tokens of trust needed to assure the customer that you are a legitimate business.

Make your business address visible to start. Also include a phone number, e-mail or any other means for customers to reach you. It will make customers even more comfortable if you have someone answering your businesses phone too. Do not just leave them with an answering machine. But encourage them to leave a message incase they catch you away from the office and be sure to return their call promptly. This builds trust as well as shows respect.

On your checkout page be sure to show you privacy policy and explain shipping, taxes, and fees clearly. It’s also a must to get a SSL certificate for your website if you plan to sell from it.

6) Make your call to action easy for the customer

Good web design can also be a deciding factor which will make or break conversion rates. Many companies loose customers who want to buy just because of a few mistakes which put a damper on the customer’s experience, slow down their process, and make them want to go somewhere else for a smooth an easy transaction. Here’s a few simple guidelines to follow in order to make every customer’s experience a convenient one.

  • Include a link back to the main page on every page.
  • Include a shopping cart function where customers can add things, keep browsing, and check out when they’re ready.
  • Optimize your website so that it functions smoothly on all internet browsers.
  • Include detailed product descriptions as well as links to customer support on every page.
  • It also doesn’t hurt to include product reviews.

Those are just a few things that you can do to raise your conversion rate online. Having a legitimate looking website that is easy to navigate is certainly two of the most important steps which should help your business thrive. Building trust with your customers and making them happy will not only gain you return business but referrals to friends as well.

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