How to enable conversion tracking

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how to enable conversion tracking

Conversion tracking can help you track how many people actually complete a full form on a web page. It can help you connect your ads and keywords to your business goals by tracking which keywords are helping you meet specific goals. Conversion tracking can also help you boost your ROI by finding out which keywords and clicks result in the most conversions.

1) In Google Adwords first go to the drop down menu “reporting and codes”.

2) Click on conversions.

3) You should be directed to a new page titled Conversion Tracking. Click the button that says new conversion.

4) It will give you a field where you can enter a title for the conversion. Enter a title, select the tracking purpose, and click save and continue.

5) This will bring you to a new page that will let you tweak the code depending on how you need to use it. You can pretty much leave this section the same. But pay attention to whether the code will be written for HTTP or HTTPS for if you have a shopping cart of some sort.

6) Click “Save and get code”.

7) The code should then appear which you can copy and paste into your CMS. This part can vary depending on what CMS you’re using.¬†WordPress in particular makes the process very easy. All you have to do is select the web page that you want to add the script, click the text tab (which is used to insert HTML coding) and paste it at the bottom of the page. Hit update and you’re done. If you are using a different CMS it should be a similar process, but if you’re not sure check the forums.

For any additional help regarding conversion tracking you can defiantly check out Google’s own help page, which should explain the basics of how to set this up as different ways to use conversion tracking.

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