Why you MUST have a sales or lead cultivation campaign using email marketing

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Why is e-mail marketing so important?

When it comes to online marketing, emails are perhaps one of the most important elements needed to cultivate quality leads. There are several reasons why email plays such an important role in marketing now, which we will touch on in this article. Marketing Serpa put out a survey in 2013 where they surveyed 1,095 marketers. Out of all those marketers, 92% said that email is producing, or will produce, a positive return of investment for them. Marketers are finding these results because of how influential email marketing has become, here’s why:

Shows personality and helps connect

Email is one of the more personal mediums we have online. Due to the emergence of mobile phones several people check their email on a regular basis, even in places where they shouldn’t: At a park, at work, school, in the car. Needless to say, email is one of the best ways of reaching people. It’s also a great way to reach people on a personal level.

The best email campaigns accomplish this by adding a bit of a personal touch. Their marketing emails don’t read like ads, but as friendly news updates. They are written with a playful, fun tone and make people want to read them rather than deleting or unsubscribing.

Perfect format and length

Email also provides the perfect medium for the perfect format and length. Just enough to get their attention, but not too much to discourage them from reading. It gives you a means of delivering bite sized pieces of information to your customers about whatever you want. It could be updates about your company, new services or products they might be excited about, or just about anything you want. As long as the tone is fun and friendly your emails will gather attention.

Reminds customers that you exist

Not all of your emails are going to get opened. Many of them may go straight to the trash inbox. But that should not discourage you from having an email marketing campaign because there is one thing they will always do, and that’s remind customers that you exist.

Essentially emails are a affordable advertising tool used to keep people thinking about your product or brands. In that sense, depending on the number of subscribers, they have the same effect of airing a 10 second commercial every hour on cable television or paying for space on a highway billboard. Think of the internet as a giant city, email as a heavily used highway, and your marketing emails as the billboard. Not everyone who passes the billboard will really read it, but many will at least glance at your company name, which is enough to keep you in their mind. Then, the next time they need something you provide, they’ll remember your name because of all those e-mails they glanced for a second right before deleting them.

High consideration purchases have long lead times which make them essential for your sales funnel

Generally it will be the people who already have an interest in your products who will subscribe to email newsletters. Those are usually the same kinds of people who will be considering high dollar purchases. It’s natural that the high dollar products will require much more thought than the cheaper products. So marketing emails can help facilitate those kinds of decisions which is exactly why so many marketers proclaimed that emails help produced a positive ROI.

When email marketing is absent from your sales funnel you are loosing a large portion of your customer base who are interested in higher dollar purchases. This is why emails should be a necessity if you are going to run any kind of business online or offline.

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