Why you MUST automate your marketing

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Time is money. As our lives become busier our time becomes more valuable. With that in mind it is easy to understand why you must automate your marketing. Since there have been a ton of tools that have been created for that very thing there really is no reason not to automate your marketing. Doing so will help you reach out to a larger audience much faster thus quickly growing a customer base.

Although, some would argue that automating your marketing removes that personal touch, I disagree. You are still capable of engaging customers in a friendly personal way by using these tools and I plan on showing you how.

automatic marketing saves time

In marketing, time is money, and automatic marketing can help you save a lot of both.

Procure new leads with lead generation strategies

Lead generation is the groundwork that needs to be done before you can start any marketing campaign. In order to make your marketing most effective, friendly, and personal you want to acquire quality leads. Doing this is no easy task, but I think Anum Hussain explains how to do this the best in this article about inbound lead generation.

In essence, inbound marketing specifically targets prospects who are already interested in your product. Since they are targeted leads it will be easier to include them in your list for marketing automation. This is because these leads are already “warmed up”, they’re already attracted to your brand and will be more susceptible to become a conversion. Also, you will be able to personalize your messages to them because they will likely come from a specific demographic which you are familiar with.

How to cultivate new leads using autoresponder e-mail software

Once you have great quality leads you can start nurturing them. The first step in doing this is usually including them in your newsletter using autoresponder e-mails. You might want several different e-mail campaigns that target different demographics. But these are usually all going to be people who have already shown some interest in your products or brand by downloading a white paper or ebook or other content, filling out a job application, downloading an online coupon, or by simply subscribing to your newsletter directly. Just remember how you acquired your leads, each new way which a lead was acquired might require a different tone for the chain of e-mails you send out. But it can all vary depending on your niche, so just play it smart. The bottom line is, you want your e-mails to have a friendly tone and reach out to customers on a personal level.

Create easy strategies for online conversion for customers

But besides e-mail marketing there are other strategies which every automatic marketing campaign needs. They are as follows: email marketing, landing pages, campaigns management, prediction/scoring, lead management, CRM integration, social marketing, & marketing analytics. Now I won’t get into great detail on all of these right now, as some of them can be in depth topics, but this article does a good job of summing them all up.

Basically, the most important thing you should take away from this is that like all forms of marketing your marketing automation should also have a good sales funnel. You will most likely start with a broad audience of general subscribers and others who have shown some form of interest in you product.

From there you will start e-mailing them based on their demographic and include links back to your landing pages periodically in some of those e-mails. With your landing page you might try to sell a product or squeeze more customers further down the sales funnel. From there you will gather data using page analytics and figure out how you can better strengthen your marketing campaign.

Based on the data you receive you might shorten or extend your lead list depending on what has been working and what hasn’t been working. Many of the tools listed such as CRMs will assist you in narrowing down your customers as they move further down the sales funnel, and hone in to find the most profitable demographics within your niche.

The best part is with the new online tools and software at your disposal such as a web page, automatic e-mailing, autoresponders, google analytics, and a CRM you can reduce the amount of work it takes to build quality leads. These tools are there to help make our lives easier, so go out there and make use of them!

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