What are landing pages and why do I need them

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I have talked about landing pages briefly on this blog but have not yet had a chance to talk about why they are really important for your website. Well now I will.

A landing page is the place on your website where you generate a quality lead, or a prospective buyer becomes a real customer. The page will usually contain direct sales copy or some form of media that will encourage the customer to buy. You can link them from your social media outlets, promotional e-mails, website, or even through your search engine marketing campaign. But in any case they will generally help you “seal the deal” with prospective buyers.

Landing Page

Visitors aren’t buyers

In order to understand why landing pages are important it is detrimental to realize that not all visitors are buyers, no matter how much you want them to be. Not every person who visits your site will become a customer. In fact, some people who visit or stumble upon your site may never return again. But, in order to increase your conversion rate, generate more sales and quality leads you need a page on your website that closes the deal. Just like how you would want a group of “closers” working with your sales people on your sales floor. Landing pages work the same way, as closers assisting the other pages of your website, ready to close all prospective buyers who visit the page.

Buyers must be cultivated

In order to turn a prospect into a sale you need to educate that customer and explain why your goods and services will benefit them. The buyer needs to be assured that they will receive exactly what they are looking for in your products and to do that you have to show them the features and the benefits. Keeping this in mind should give you a better understanding of what a landing page should  look like. It should encourage people to buy not just by asking nicely, but by showing customers the features and benefits of the product and explaining how it will benefit them.

Doing this can be difficult, but as long as you understand the niche you are in and the mindset of your customers this should come easy for you. Writing good sales copy can be challenging, so it is not a bad idea to hire a professional writer with sales experience to do that part for you. This will prove to be an excellent investment as it will help strengthen your landing page and build a higher conversion rate.

Sales funnels need to be full

You must also understand that all funnels need an end. A sales funnel without a landing page is more like a strainer. If you pour water through a strainer some of the water may end up where you want it, but it will pretty much still go all over the place. Your landing page will complete your sales funnel and convert a greater number of those prospects into actual sales.

Not all traffic converts the same

Another thing you have to understand is that not all traffic converts the same. In other words, people who click on your website through different marketing outlets will all view your webpage differently. So someone who finds a link to your webpage from Facebook will be looking at it in a different light than someone who was actively searching for keywords and found your website on Google. While they both clicked on a link on the internet, they were both likely clicking on it for different reasons, one who probably clicked on it more out of curiosity, and another who was already in buying mode, looking at or comparing companies like yours.

By producing a well written, informative landing page that educates buyers and points out the features and benefits to them in your products, you are strengthening your conversion rates and will convert more types of traffic from all areas of your online marketing.

AdWords likes landing pages

Landing pages also add a good amount of credibility to your website and your company as well as excellent, well composed content, which is why having one will give you kudos with AdWords. So linking your ads up with the message behind your landing page is an extremely good idea. It will give your ad marketing a cohesive direction and ensure that your AdWords account will stay active, it may even increase the quality of your ads overall and get you a nice little discount from Google.

Hard to distinguish the call to action (CTA) on a website

While CTAs are extremely important they are completely useless without a good landing page. If we were going to use the sales floor as an analogy for a website we would want to think of the call to action as your sales reps and your landing page as your closer. The sales reps assist customers throughout the store, but also have a broad knowledge on all the products. While the closers have an expert knowledge on specific products. When a sales rep finds a customer who is showing all the buying signs they get an idea of what that customer is looking for and intrude them to the appropriate closer.

CTAs and landing pages will have the same relationship as all CTAs should point or link to a landing page in some way. The CTA will get the customer excited about the product while the landing page will explain why they need it, and why they need it now.

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