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Google Analytics are a great way of monitoring your web traffic and can really help you optimize your website for the best performance in order to bring in as many customers as possible. These are five of my favorite website reports that really help me improve my overall web presence and power of my landing pages which ultimately rake in the cash. I’ve also included links in all the headers leading to where you can find them.




1. Unbranded Traffic report

This analytic will show you only the traffic you are getting from searches that are not your company name. For example, if your company name is “Ted Imports” it will show you the amount of clicks you get when people search for products you sell like, “scented candles” or any keyword related to your website. It will filter out and not show you how many clicks you get from searching your company name.

This way you can more easily gague how well your actual SEO is doing. This is very important because a majority of your customers will not be specifically looking for “Ted Imports” they’ll be looking for whatever Ted Imports sells. If you are seeing that people generally are not finding you by searching keywords related to your company this will show that you need to work on SEO.

2. Conversion by date and time

This tool will give you a very handy table which will show you the amount of traffic you get at the exact hour of the day. It will help by showing you when your peak times are to give you a good idea of how often your page is visited through each day. Tracking the busiest parts of the day can also be useful to give you an idea of when to send your newsletters or post your blogs for your subscribers. Posting things like this in parts of the day when your traffic is the highest might give you a better readability because these are the times when most of your customers are free and browsing the web.

3. Customer behavior

As the name implies, customer behavior monitors what each user sees and does on your website. It will map where they pointed their mouse, what they might have read, and every link they clicked. It will give you a pretty good idea of how to improve your web design and make landing pages stronger.

4. Long tail converters

This handy add-on will give you the ability to see exactly how many clicks you are getting from each of your long tail keyword phrases. It’s great for finding out which phrases are working and which aren’t and will allow you to further optimize your page.

5. Social conversion report

Social conversion report will show you the exact conversion rate of all of the visitors to your website. It will give you an extremely detailed report to help you determine how well your landing pages are doing. It will also show you how much revenue each conversion earned you as it tracks the value of each sale made on your webpage. It is espeshially great for any websites that sell merchandise.


All of these tools have really helped improve my website and I hope you can use them to improve yours as well!

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