Although social media is no new thing and companies have been implementing social media in their marketing campaigns for quite a while now there is still some question on whether those strategies are really effective. Some argue that the conversion rate of social media traffic is repetitively low. But I stand to the philosophy that

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4 Simple Steps Behind Drop shipping If your business will be utilizing drop shipping services it is helpful to know how the process works to better understand how the system works. This guide takes you through four simple steps involved in the drop shipping process. Step 1 – CUSTOMER places order First the customer browses

It is true that drop shipping can save your business time and money. But before delving straight into the business with an online store it is important to consider some disadvantages that you may have overlooked in order to prepare for them in case problems should arise. Advantages 1. Because it is not necessary to

How to spot drop shipping scams

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Unfortunately finding legitimate wholesalers is no easy task. There are plenty of drop shipping scams out there, and the real wholesalers just happen to be bad at advertising most of the time. So it will be important to keep an eye out for these simple things when searching for a supplier. Real wholesalers will not

3 Best Wholesale Directories

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 by

A wholesale aggregator or directory is a list full of wholesaler’s that retailers can go through in order to find inventory suppliers. There are lists that can narrow down wholesaler’s to those that will offer drop shipping. Wholesale directories will require you to pay a recurring membership or one time fee to utilize their services.

What is drop shipping?

Saturday, 20 July 2013 by

Drop shipping is a method which retailers can use to cut costs on inventory management. Unlike most retailers, a store that utilizes drop shipping can avoid the trouble of investing in large amount of inventory that needs to be stocked. Instead, they only purchase a product from a wholesaler or manufacturer after a customer has

  Picking the right products to sell can make or break your business. It’s the groundwork of creating your online store and the key to your success or failure. But don’t fret, because here are some key things you should consider to help pick the perfect niche. Don’t pick a niche based on your interests